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Who Am I?

With over a decade working in the Hospitality and Event Industry, I stumbled upon my passion for floral artistry. It wasn't until I found myself aboard motor yachts, constantly rearranging flowers to make them last the longest they can, that I realized art could be expressed in more ways than just paint on a canvas.

What Do I Do?

At Calluna Flower Co, I blend my event expertise with a love for flowers, working closely with each client to ensure their vision blooms to life. My experience has taught me to think outside the box, anticipating needs and adding unexpected touches that make every event unforgettable.

Why Am I Here?

This space is where I share my journey, inspirations, and love for all things floral. It's a celebration of creativity, elegance, and the joy that comes from bringing dreams to fruition.

Let's Connect!

If you're ready to infuse your next event with a touch of floral magic, I'm here to make it happen. Let's chat, collaborate, and create something extraordinary together!

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